Godox UHF microphone receiver only



Godox UHF microphone receiver only dual-channel camera-mount wireless receiver gives you the ability to simultaneously receive audio from two WMicS1 microphone transmitters. It allows you to record two separate people to your DSLR/mirrorless camera without requiring a second receiver, keeping your rig portable and compact, with one less component to worry about.

Fast and easy to set up, the RX1 lets you capture clear and natural speech for projects ranging from YouTube vlogs and wedding videos to corporate spots and interviews.

  • Versatile Receiver with Two Mic Channels
  • The RX1 offers 96 frequencies to find the cleanest available frequency at your shooting location.
  • Easy-to-understand menus and controls along with an OLED display allow you to make quick adjustments under varying lighting conditions.
  • A headphone output on the receiver enables real-time audio monitoring, especially useful if your camera lacks a headphone output.
  • When using just one mic, the sound is recorded on both the left and right channels of your camera. When using two microphones, each sound is recorded separately with one on the left channel of your camera and the other on the right channel—allowing you to isolate each person’s voice and adjust each level individually later in post.
  • Power is supplied via two AA batteries or via USB.
  • The receiver offers a maximum distance of up to 328’.

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  • Compatible with WMicS1 Transmitters
  • Two Wireless Audio Channels
  • 96 Frequencies
  • AA Batteries + USB Power

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